Tumbled Stone is stone that is put through a process called tumbling, where stone is smoothed and polished.  In order to create tumbled stone, the stones are put into a rubber-lined barrel along with some abrasive grit and a liquid lubricant.  The barrel is then rotated, and the stone inside slide past each other with the grit in between.  The result is stone that looks smooth and polished.

What Does Tumbled Stone Look Like?
Tumbled Stones have a time-worn and rustic look. The stone is usually made to look earthy, bringing the beauty of the outdoors inside. This type of stone can be in a myriad of different colors, shapes, and sizes in order to suit anyone’s unique taste.

Where Can Tumbled Stone Be Used?
Tumbled Stone can be used in a variety of places. The most common use is as ground cover. Another common use is as a decoration stone, like in landscaping or around ponds or pools. Tumbled stone is ideal for accent pieces in gardens, pathways, entryways, and backsplashes as well. Other places tumbled stone can be used are fireplaces, vanities, and borders.


Cleaning tumbled marble tiles and natural stone is similar. Because they have pores, it requires a different cleaning process than for example, ceramic tile. Ceramic tile cleaners can damage and make your marble or stone look permanently dirty. The naturally porous nature of marble tiles requires special precautions and treatment to ensure a long-lasting beautiful effect. Here are some great tips for cleaning tumbled marble tiles and maintaining their original beauty.

Cleaning tumbled marble tiles and natural stone is as easy as vacuuming and dust moping regularly. Occasionally use an appropriate cleaner, which should be a neutral one. If the cleaner contains bleach or harsh chemical don't use it. Even if the solution is weak, you could be hurting the look instead of helping. It is best when looking for a proper cleaner to buy one specifically for cleaning tumbled marble tiles or stone and read all directions before applying.

Tumbled Stone

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