What is quarry tile? The quarry tile definition most often seen is tile that is extruded from a giant machine that looks much like a giant pasta machine. It is usually made from red clay and is then fired to help it become extremely durable and hard. If color is added to it, it is worked into the clay and goes all the way through the tile to keep the color as vibrant as the day that you purchased it. You can tell it is quarry tile because of the grooves on the back of the tile, while ceramic tile is pressed into a uniform flat shape.

Quarry commercial tiles are durable and withstand traffic, explaining why so many restaurants and other commercial establishments swear by it. The low cost of quarry tile adds to its benefits for restaurants. The contemporary look of quarry tile gives the restaurant an inviting and warm appeal that customers will love. Red clay quarry tiles are a commonly used choice for pizzerias as they have that rustic charm that pizzeria owners are looking for. It is also easy to clean and maintain. Speaking of pizza, have you noticed that quarry tile pizza stones are increasingly popular? Some are quarry slate gray ceramic tiles while others are more tan in color.

An even more durable option is the 3/4" thick quarry tile. The increased thickness of the tile makes it even stronger to be able to withstand a heavier traffic flow, like experienced in commercial establishments. Evaluate all of your options to find the right flooring for your business that you will love and that will stand up to years of traffic.

Quarry tile installation should be done carefully. If you are unsure of installing it yourself, you will most likely want to use a professional. Professionals can ensure that your quarry tile is installed correctly for you to get the most use out of it as possible. A professional installer will be accustomed to working with and grouting quarry tile and will know the best methods of laying it. Especially in a large commercial establishment, it is best to have professional help so that you will get the most bang for your buck in your flooring.

Cleaning your quarry tile is not that difficult. Make sure that your tiles are sealed so that they will be stain resistant and easier to clean. There are several cleaning tips for quarry tile. Here are a few:

  1. Damp mop the tiles frequently to keep them clean and free of debris.

  2. Place mats at the entrances to help keep some debris out of your business.

  3. Use a specially made quarry tile cleaner for regular cleaning.

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