Marble & Granite Natural Stone is completely timeless and elegant. With its naturally occurring characteristics, they are uneven in size and different in composition color and texture. This is one of the unique features that distinguishes natural stone from synthetic. More and more people are utilizing natural stone, marble, granite, and limestone incorporated into their homes or as workplace or flooring. When you look at the durability and integrity of natural stone, combined with its' timeless appeal, it has been an outstanding choice.

Natural stone is commonly found in bathroom floors, kitchen countertops, and patios and fireplaces. Hotels especially, look elegant and luxurious because of the sparkling and stunning beauty of natural stone tiles. Stone is smooth to touch, simple and has varieties of wonderful patterns.

Marble & Granite stones are the best stone for countertops due to its' high level of durability and resistance to extreme temperatures. Granite stone has natural elegance and durability and is unique because unlike other stones, granite cannot be easily scratched by small particles of dirt. Granite will add to the value of your property which makes it a sound investment. While Granite can seem expensive compared to other options, it can be one of the best investments a homeowner can make. If you take the durability into account, this truly becomes one of the more affordable home improvement options. It is a practical and attractive solution for commercial and residential properties.


If a marble or granite countertop is cared for properly, it could easily last for a hundred years in the same condition in which it was first fabricated.  Ancient civilizations used marble and granite stones to create statues that are still standing today.

  1. Sanitiation: Due to its texture, this is one of the most sanitary materials for a kitchen. As it isn't porous, it won't be prone to harboring bacteria and other kitchen no-no's. Mold and mildew won't get a grip here.
  2. Repair: This stone has another feature that makes it popular. If you do have an area that is damaged, it can be repaired. Just don't attempt this yourself.
  3. Durability: The hard surface can't be scratched, except by more granite or diamonds. This is where its practicality for kitchen use comes in. You can't afford to tip-toe around cabinets and work stations. You need to be able to do your job without fear of damaging the kitchen granite countertops. Granite gives you this reassurance. The fact that it won't become scratched is one of the main reasons why it retains its shiny appearance for so many years. These surfaces cope admirably with temperature changes and won't blister or crack. It can even resist frying pan heat. No hot griddle will leave a reminder on your new countertops. Even so, it is advisable to still use pads or trivets when working with hot items.
  4. Cooking: Cooks love working on granite kitchen countertops. You can even cut on it without damaging the surface. And you will be amazed by how well your dough suddenly turns out. The cold surface is perfect for handling pastry.
  5. Maintenance: Maintenance is fairly simple, provided you use some common sense. Daily cleaning will involve little more than a quick wipe with a soft cloth or some paper towels. Use ordinary soapy water. Due to the dense grain the stone isn't very porous and staining therefore isn't a major problem. Once it has been sealed or polished, it is resistant to moisture. The sealing needs to be repeated every 1 to 3 years. Learn to clean as you go along. It is just so much simpler and safer to wipe a mess immediately.

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